What Type Of Girl Are You? 20 Real Life Situations You Can Definitely Relate To

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If you are a girl, you know that every girl differs from another and have a unique nature, habits, and appearance. But it’s easy to distinguish two main types of girls.

Watch a funny compilation of two kinds of girls in this video. Let’s start from the first type: she usually wears comfortable clothes like jeans, t-shirts, and hoodie, she doesn’t like to wear makeup.

Moreover, she prefers comfort even if it’s cold outside and wears a puffy jacket, scarf, and a hat but the second always looks fashionable no matter if it’s hot like in Sahara or cold like in the Arctic.

The second girl loves to look glamorous and sexy and is always well-groomed. She prefers sexy dresses, high heels, and shorts. One more difference is the costumes for Halloween: the first one usually wears funny costumes, drink with friends and have fun. Unlike the second one that chooses sexy costumes and makes the best and glamorous selfies and perfect shots for Facebook.

Moreover, she usually eats and healthy cook healthy food not to gain weight. Always remember that you should completely love yourself and accept yourself as you are. Do you usually have a lot of plans for the weekend but in reality, you need to do a lot of laundry and cleaning?

Of course, everybody wants to have a rest during the weekend but you can do everything really fast and enjoy your favorite show! Remember that having a rest is very important for your health!

You will find one more ironic compilation that shows how people differ from each other! Do you usually gain weight after vacations and don’t know how to flirt? You should totally watch our video and have fun!

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