Hong Kong with 2 Kids

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Well we made it!  Half way across the world and back wasn’t so bad.  The kids slept through most of the trip.  The worst was that the jet lag.  Recovering from this is NO JOKE.  But we are back on a schedule now and life has returned to standard time to get a trip .

We proposed to your jetlag so didn’t overload our schedule.  We have already been to Hong Kong (pre-kids) earlier so we knew we would just take it easy and enjoy the city as it arrived. We stayed in the Grand Hyatt at Wan Chai that had a complete sized park at the building.  We’ve traveled a long time but I can’t remember ever having that amenity and we loved it.  Our hotel was close to the Star Ferry terminal.  What child doesn’t enjoy a boat ride?

Hong Kong Kids Riding Star FerryHong Kong Kids Looking out of Star Ferry Window

If you know how I travel, you realize I am a sucker for a fantastic sector.  So we seen lots, hong Kong is filled together.  The kids’ favorite was that the Goldfish Market.  They were engaged by shop after shop selling fish and also the rest of the kinds of pets.  We had to pull them out of one store to see the same offering in a different.  It’s all small and crowded but it was a highlight all the exact same.

Hong Kong Goldfish MarketHong Kong Making Fish Faces at Goldfish Market
Hong Kong fun family activity

We did visit a number of the excellent wet markets across town too.  Aggie got into it if it was observing the fish flop round or sampling a few of the fruit although oscar was a tiny bit too young to really appreciate people, she took all of it in.

Hong Kong Family Travel Graham Street Market Egg VendorHong Kong Family Travel Flowers at Graham St Market
Hong Kong Wan Chai Wet Market Fish Seller

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We were lucky to discover a fantastic recommended baby-sitter for a few evenings also therefore the Mr. and I got to have a few hours to go through the city while the kids slept. We had some excellent grown up dishes at Mott32 along with Vea however my personal favourite was seeing the Tai Pan Reflexology Parlor at which we have foot massages in a beautifully decorated opium den themed store.  This was a tiny slice of relaxed paradise after feet and long flights.

Hong Kong Tai Pan Reflexology Parlor EntranceHong Kong Tai Pan Reflexology Tea

Of course no trip to Asia is complete for us without a halt in the Din Tai Fung chain which just happen to serve the many delish xiao long bao.  We introduced our children to the yummy soup dumplings. Sadly they did not love them as much as we can however I did get a resounding”not too bad” out of Aggie which is about as good as it gets these days. Six going over sixteen sometimes.

Hong Kong Family travel Din Tai Fung

Following a few days of exploring the jam packed streets of town it was time to take the kids for a little bit of pleasure at Ocean Park.  It is a mash from a amusement park and zoo and aquarium in one.  The area is a little arbitrary and enormous but the kids loved it.
Hong Kong Ocean Park WalrusHong Kong Ocean Park Roller Coaster
Hong Kong Ocean Park Gondola

On our final full day in Hong Kong we made our way to Disneyworld. Regardless of the castle being under building and Mystic Manor (which some say is your best ride in all the parks) being shut, we all had a perfect moment. The playground was small enough that you don’t feel overwhelmed however there is sufficient to keep you occupied HK Disney had no crowds, no advance preparation was required and the area was very well managed. (An stark contrast to the way I felt about Disney Paris ). I can’t recommend this park enough with children although one our favorite rides was that the Jungle Cruise.
Hong Kong Disneyworld CaroselHong Kong Disneyland Drums
Hong Kong Jungle Cruise Elephant

All in all a Terrific trip. We were blessed to experience this town for a family. It has something for everyone.
Hong Kong Street Mural

Hope you locate these trip recaps useful!  Feel free to ask if you have any questions – I am always happy to speak vacation.

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