Geordie Shores Aaron Chalmers Debuts New Tattoo In The Middle Of His Face

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Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers is the straight-up king of tattoos, but his latest delicate inking has surprised a few fans.

The lad got a small tattoo beside his eye, which he showed off over on Instagram in a close-up selfie.

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Aaron snapped a pic from the side so we could all check out his unique new ink, and we gotta say the beard and hair are looking on point too.

Oh, and if you’re not enjoying the new ink, just know that Aaron really DGAF.

He responded to someone who said he should stop getting tattoos on his face, saying: “shut up and concentrate on your own life.”

Very fair.

Another fan commented “nice winged eye liner,” to which Aaron confirmed: “It’s a tattoo.” but now we’re kind of tempted to get our actual winged liner tattooed, imagine the time we’d save.

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One person who was definitely enjoying the whole look is Aaron’s gf Talia, as she commented: “Such a sort 😍😍😍.”

And other fans were just as impressed, as someone else said: “So friggen handsome 💙💙,” and another added: “I love it! 😍💫.”

Looking good lad.

Don’t forget to catch Aaron’s old pals on Geordie Shore Tuesdays at 10pm on MTV!


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