Flat Earthers Now Believe that the Earth Is Shaped Like a Doughnut

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Okay, so there are a lot of weird conspiracy theories, and other general theories floating about in the world. These can be fun– I mean, who hasn’t fallen down a wormhole of youtube videos about ridiculous conspiracy theories? Who hasn’t stayed up all night wondering, if we actually went to the moon? We’re only human!

But then there are theories that are so far beyond the grasp of reality, it’s hard to make sense of them. Like people who believe the Earth is flat. Yes, people actually believe this– and some even go further than that.

Some people also believe that the Earth is shaped like a doughnut. No, not a cream-filled doughnut, but a classic doughnut with a hole right smack-dab in the middle.

These people are real, y’all.

They think the Earth looks like this.

They believe that the Earth is shaped like any old doughnut that you could pick up from the local bakery.

What is going on here?

So there’s a community called The Flat Earth Society.

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And on one of their message boards, a member posted his doughnut theory. He goes on to explain:

“I have a theory that the Earth is in fact shaped like a torus (a doughnut-shape). However, light is curved so we cannot tell,” he wrote.

Weird flex, but okay.

He also provided an FAQ portion, in case you had about A THOUSAND QUESTIONS like we do.

First up, why hasn’t the hole within our Earth been discovered?

“Light bends and follows the curvature of the torus, making the hole ‘unseeable’.”

Okay, that’s one way to rationalize it.

But why has no one fallen into the earth doughnut hole before?

Don’t worry, there’s an answer to this as well.

“Gravity acts as it does in an RE model, and people are attracted to large masses. Imagine a doughnut. Imagine a jam doughnut. Gravity acts towards the jam.”

Listen, I’m no scientist, but it seems like there are some holes in this theory. Pun intended.

There’s a lot to unpack here and if you want, you can dive right into his WHOLE story.

This isn’t the only wacky theory out there.

Care to hear about some more?

The Chemtrail theory.

Have you ever heard of the Chemtrail conspiracy theory?

People believe that long-lasting condensation trails from an airplane are sprayed for “nefarious” reasons.

What are some of these reasons, you ask?

Changing the weather, controlling the population, biological and chemical warfare.

You know, simple, chill stuff.

Aren’t conspiracy theories addicting?

And some of these theories are bonkers, yes, but how can you not read about them– they are fascinating.

How about the theory that cartoons exist in the reality of a nearby dimension?

Yes, there are people out there who believe this.

Imagine all of your favorites– Spongebob and Homer Simpson –just hanging out as real people.

Is your mind melting yet?

Mine sure feels like it is!

The conspiracy theories are never-ending.

To go back to Flat-Earthers for a moment, did you know some of them to believe that trees don’t exist?

It’s easy to think such a thing is crazy, but it’s also truly fascinating.

The idea is that the trees we have today are just bushes. They’re remains of what once were 40-mile high trees.

Honestly? Sure.

There are so many outlandish conspiracy theories out there that this one feels like it could be real.

Let’s get back to the super crazy theories, like the one where we’re all living in a computer simulation.

It’s pretty creepy to think of us all living in some sort of Black Mirror episode.

What if we are all a product of ourselves in the future or an advanced civilization or aliens in a far off galaxy?

Then there’s the Multiverse theory.

This one freaks me out.

It’s the idea that there are billions and billions of universes, and different realities. It’s the idea that we’re living in a “bubble,” and one day we will pop.

That’s some freaky stuff.

Anyone else a little stressed reading these?

It’s always the question of “what if?”

They could be real, couldn’t they?

We’re all living in a black hole.

Space is just a giant vacuum, right?

Honestly, with the current state of the world, it feels like we’re living in a black hole.

The Electric Universe Theory.

This one’s fun. It’s the idea that the sun and the stars are all powered by a huge voltage in space.

Basically, the sun works the same way a light bulb does.

Project Blue Beam.

Canadian journalist Serge Monast believed that NASA was working with the Antichrist to fake the second coming. This would begin the New World Order.

Super light stuff.

CERN and Shiva.

Here’s an idea:

CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) is using the statue of Shiva as a portal for Shiva to enter the world and destroy the Earth.

The theory that suggests Finland doesn’t exist.

This subreddit claims that the country of Finland doesn’t exist. It’s been created by Russia and Japan.

That make sense, right?

How do we know the truth?!

Did you know lizards rule the earth and Justin Bieber is in charge of them?

Roughly 12 million people believe this theory to be true?

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