36 Life Hacks to Speed up Your Daily Routine – Do It Faster with These Simple Tricks

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Look through our awesome collection of extremely useful lifehacks for different situations:

– As replacement blades cost a lot, you can sharpen razor blades using our genius lifehack: take your old jeans to run your razor along your jeans

– Make a relaxing hammock out of an old towel for your legs and use it in office

– Dry nails faster with the help of a bowl of cold water

– Clean your rusted tools by covering the rusted bolts with vinegar

– Remove tiny eggshells with a piece of eggshell. The next time you crack an egg and there’s a tiny piece of shell at the bottom, remove it quickly and efficiently with a bigger piece of the eggshell

– If you don’t want to hit a garage wall, hang a tennis ball from a garage ceiling to use as a guide to not hit the wall. When you park a car drive forward only until the ball touches your windshield

– Bake potatoes in a microwave

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– Make a sheet mask out of spring roll paper: mix warm chamomile tea with honey and soak spring roll paper in it. Apply the paper on your face

– Save a lot of money and make a sugaring paste at home. You will need sugar, honey and lemon juice

– Coffee is an effective treatment for dark circles after a sleepless night

– Cut a lemon in half and cover with sugar to exfoliate your skin. Check the full tutorial

– Make a mask for blackheads: mix milk, honey, gelatin and turmeric

– Hair loss is a catastrophe for every girl but does not panic and try our mask to save the situation. Mix an egg, yogurt honey, and lemon juice

– Make a peel-off lip gloss using warm beet juice and gelatin


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