33 Genius Life Hacks to Survive Any Trouble

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Check out a golden collection of lifehacks that will help you to survive:

– Take a lighter and heat up your key if the car lock is frozen. Then slowly insert the key into the lock. The warm key should melt the ice in your lock

– A lighter will help you to make beauty products smoother, for example, you can use it for lip liner – Use a lighter to fix a broken lipstick

– One of the biggest problems, when you are preparing for traveling, is to fold clothes to save space. Find out the collection of brilliant ways how to fold clothes to reduce wrinkles and save space

– Transform empty balm container into a sewing kit

– A lot of travelers save their money by sewing their own protective pocket inside of shorts or pants Check out a collection of tips on how to survive in extreme situations like earthquake, fire, how to comfortably spend time while camping. You will learn how to make camping BBQ out of a tin can, how to turn matches into waterproof ones, how to dry wet shoes using stones.

Try awesome budget cleaning tips are guaranteed to save your time and money. You don’t need to spend hours on cleaning, just need to know the basic rules we prepared.

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We will show you how to erase permanent marker and clean different surfaces covered with it: use toothpaste to remove permanent marker from ceramic tile; rubber alcohol cleans permanent marker from wooden surface; if you need to erase permanent marker from fabric cover the stain with hand sanitizer, wipe and cover with baking soda and lemon juice.

Clean the surface with a toothbrush and wash as usual. Clean your carpet from permanent marker using a hair spray.


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