32 Wonderful DIY Ideas for Kids Makeup

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This video is made especially for little princesses! Little girls want to grow up faster to be like their mothers and older sisters. They want to start using makeup and wear beautiful hairdos. However, adult makeup can be too harmful for delicate kids’ skin.

Today, we offer you a lot of ideas on making DIY makeup for kids that is even better than adult products. Some products from this video are literally edible. There are also some cool hair tips and even lovely party makeup hacks and tutorials.

You can make colorful lipsticks using a bit of cocoa butter and crayons. Microwave a bit of butter and then dissolve a crayon in the molten warm butter. The result is unbelievable! Pour the mixture into a little jar and use a brush to apply it to your lips.

You can use any color you like to make DIY lipsticks! If you want to make an edible lip smacker, you can melt cocoa butter, cane sugar, and a bit of coke in one dish. This is how you can get a sweet lip smacker with coke flavor!

If you want to get a chocolate lip smacker, you can use a bit of chocolate and cocoa butter. There are many amazing makeup tips in this video. You can learn how to use makeup leftovers (that saves a lot of money). There are many makeup tutorials as well.

For example, if you want to apply glitter to your eyelids, use a bit of lip balm to make them sticky. You can make creative makeup for a photo shoot or a party using our tips and ideas.


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