32 Beauty Hacks You Only Dreamed Of

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In this video, you will find a collection of weird beauty ideas: an easy way to curl your hair using a plastic bottle or a plastic cup; perfect makeup to make your lips fuller; surprising ways to line lips. Here is a top selection of beauty lifehacks:

– Check out the best way to wear a belt if it’s too long

– Always wanted long hair and need some ideas and recipes on how to stimulate hair growth? We have helpful recipes of essential oils that you can prepare at home for a penny.

Homemade oils also could be used for growth stimulation of eyebrows and eyelashes. The most popular ingredients for homemade oils are castor, avocado, and coconut oils

– Curvy hips are incredibly popular today. But if you are very skinny or is too lazy for exhausting workouts, we have an idea that will shock you.

Watch our video and find an unusual way to use sanitary pads. Check out how to shorten your belt in 2 minutes

– Don’t forget to take care of your feet as cracked heels may lead to discomfort. We have a recipe that will help your feet feel good

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– mix aspirin, citric acid and water together. Put the mix into a plastic bag and put feet inside and leave for 15 minutes. After 5-7 days the skin will exfoliate

– Dark armpits are looking awful, especially in summer during tank top and swimsuit season. Try the natural remedy for lightening pigmented skin. You will need sea salt, baking soda, water, white vinegar

– Try facial mask to get rid of blackheads: mix activated charcoal, gelatin, and hot water

– Find the recipe for natural onion dandruff treatment! You will need onion juice, coconut oil, and burdock oil


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