27 Weird Hacks For A Perfect Look

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Hey, girls! You gonna love these beauty ideas you should try:

– Replace face primer with after shaving balm – Use old sock and coffee to clean the shoes

– Repair broken eyeshadows with his perfume

– Did you know that you can get rid of pills on your clothing using a comb?

Take a comb and lay your jacket on a flat surface. Gently shave upward with the razor in small strokes

– If you are at the gym and forgot flip flops at home, replace them with panty liners

– Pour micellar water on a panty liner and use it to remove makeup.

Moreover, you can put it into a bag and save for a 1-day trip

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– Stick panty liners to your t-shirt or sports jacket to avoid sweat stains

– If you need a safe place for the money in your bag or during your trip

– use a sanitary pad to hide money

– Make an ice pack from a panty liner if you have bumped into something

– Don’t forget to use sanitary pads while wearing leggings

– If you want perfect red lips, Mix some peel-off mask with red food coloring.

Apply the mixture on your lips using a lip brush. Let dry and remove. Now you have perfect red lips

– Use toilet seat cover to blot your oily skin

– Check out the tutorial of perfect makeup for your lips. You will learn how to plump your lips using a lip pencil

– Need a makeup fixer?

You can easily make a makeup fixer at home: water, Aloe Vera gel, witch hazel, essential oil

– Mix baby shampoo, coconut oil and purified water to make a homemade face wash. Put cotton pads inside the glass jar and pour the liquid inside

– Create your very own lipstick palette: warm up coconut oil and mix with broken crayons

– Make delicious lipsticks and lip balms out of candies

– Use forks to curl your hair Don’t forget to share these beauty ideas with your friends!


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