20 True Couple Facts You Definitely Can Relate To

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Relationships during the first year of dating change and experience many adjustments. There are different stages: in the beginning, there is a distance between partners as they don’t want to look silly in front of each other.

When people start dating, they are usually very shy and try to look as good as possible. Girls usually pretend that they eat only one salad per day and beauty routine takes hours to look the best way possible. Girls are afraid that boyfriend will see them without makeup in the morning and shave legs every day.

During the first year of dating ladies prefer to look as sexy as possible and wear high heels, sexy and uncomfortable dresses. But a year later everything changes and we share a funny selection of relationship changer after a year of dating.

After a year, girls prefer comfy outfits, less make up and eat as much as they want😊 People who trust each other do not hide during beauty routine and share their habits in order to strengthen the relationships.

Every boy knows that when they start the relationships everything changes: now you have more girly stuff at home, the home became cleaner, you start wearing fancy clothes that your girlfriend helps you to buy and your evenings are not alone anymore!

Check out interesting information about what the sleeping positions can say about your relationships. Body language can say a lot not only about your nature but also about your boyfriend or girlfriend.

When we sleep, our subconscious minds take over and you can analyze your relationships as our body language says a lot about our relationships. Watch our video to get more information about sleeping poses!

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